by Giovanni Cagnassi

Piazza Casa Bianca is closely linked to the well-known hotel situated on the western corner of the perimeter. After the renovation works carried out in 2006, it has been turned into a garden surrounded by flower beds crossed by paved paths connected to the main road network. To describe it with just one word, the square is alive. 

Until 2006 the square, or piazzetta (little square) as it was nicknamed, was overshadowed by more famous squares, like Piazza Mazzini, Marconi and Aurora. Although it enjoyed a strategic position in the heart of the resort, it lacked vitality that later came also thanks to the commercial activities over time. The renovation works offered the opportunity to lay green flowerbeds and gentle hills covered with grass, embellished with sculptures and works of art by well-known artists, including Carlo Pecorelli from Jesolo, who created a unique spider made of COR-TEN steel. 

Beautiful ancient villas and historic houses facing the sea were also built in the early 1900s in a favourable position chosen for its beauty and tranquillity. These villas have been recently purchased and will be refurbished together with other buildings in the area. However, the most iconic feature is Casa Bianca al Mare hotel, a historic boutique hotel in the resort. 

Recently purchased by the financial company of Mario Moretti Polegato, this accommodation facility hosted in the ancient and elegant private house of the 1920s boasts a long history and an ageless charm, currently managed by the Menazza family. This hotel is the flagship of Jesolo and stands out with the purity of its white and cream colours, the evocative crenelated towers and the Moorish style that give the area an ancient charm. In 2023, the building will turn 100 years old: a century of history that is inextricably linked to the town. 

Ranging between Art Nouveau and classicism, which fascinated even Gabriele D’Annunzio, it was also the set of the famous movie “Americano rosso” starring Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Sabrina Ferilli and Burt Young, which was released in 1991. Due to its worldly soul, the square is attended by many young people who love to spend here their happy hour, renewing and celebrating that summer tradition that Jesolo has been able to enhance and imprint in its carefree life.

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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