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An aquatic route nestled between history and nature

Before 1683 the celebrated river Sile, which originates in the nearby Marca Trevigiana, flowed into the lagoon at Portegrandi. Later the Serenissima diverted its course by excavating the canal called “Taglio del Sile”, also giving rise to “Caposile”: a pictoresque town within Musile di Piave. The reasons for this intervention were various including the growing needs of river trade and to decrease the influx of debris flowing into the lagoon. There was also a need to keep the brackish waters of the lagoon seperate from the fresh waters of the river. The canal bed was made to flow into the old Piave riverbed, known as the “Piave Vecchia”, passing by the lagoon and dividing Lido di Jesolo from the city of Cavallino.

Concentrating on Jesolo, the Sile has a wide variety of tourist attractions, starting with a river and cycle path with a double panorama: on one side the river, on the other the lagoon.

We recommend that you do not miss the historical attractions along this route and that is, in no particular order, the famous Torre Caligo, the two “old type” lagoon boundary stones from 1791 and the Church of Cristo Re built at the end of 1500 (even if what you see is the reconstruction dating from 1964 on the foundations of the old temple). Lovers of twentieth-century history must stop to see the Ponte della Libertà and the former Town Hall or Casa del Littorio near the present Municipality of Jesolo.

Also in the area, to complete the visit, you can admire some more recent monuments such as the one to the Fallen in World Peace Missions, the commemorative monument to the Guardia di Finanza and that of Maria Regina Mundi overlooking the river. As if that were not enough, nearby is the Parco dei Cigni, which owes its name to the swans that usually fly, swim or walk in the area. There are also outdoor playgrounds for children who want to spend the day outdoors in the midst of nature. Along via Cristo Re there are also fishing weights, not as well-known as those on the Piave, which further embellish the panorama.

The Sile has a lot to offer, indeed it is the longest resurgence river in Europe. Kilometres of path with potential yet to be (re) discovered. Get in your saddle!


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