Alice Basso and the wow effect

We met the much-loved influencer on holiday in Jesolo.

Beautiful, stunning, or rather “wow”. It’s impossible not to be fascinated. Not just because of having more than 515 thousand followers on Instagram, and not just because she is a 31 year-old model with an impeccable body. But because Alice knows how to overwhelm you with her charisma, that is; personal, simple, immediate and wonderfully Veneto.

Alice is in Jesolo, on holiday with her 5-year-old son Brando and her husband, the famous dj producer Mauro Ferrucci, adored by those who frequent jesolo’s nightlife scene.

  • With all of your commitments, can you make time for a holiday?
    It’s more a holiday incorporated into work. With all of the commitments I have, I live day by day. My base is here now, but for example, at the end of July, I’m flying to Tomorrowland in Belgium. Then I’m coming back to Jesolo. When I can be totally free I visit the big cities like New York, London and Paris, if I can with Mauro and Brando too. I walk a lot there, I try to see everything!
  • Is working as an influencer challenging? How did you start?
    I’m still trying to understand how it all happened! 5 years ago I downloaded the Instagram app and started posting. I’m glad that my followers are mostly women between 18 and 30 years old. I started off almost as a joke, posting model-like shots, and here I am now talking about what I do all day, through videos and images. Don’t ask me to give advice though because I’m not very good at it.
  • In one video, which has received loads of likes, you’re showing cellulite…
    Yes, I am exactly as you see me, and I have cellulite. It’s normal in a woman, why hide it? Just as I share the same views about resorting to cosmetic surgery, when you feel the need and with the right method. However I don’t like those who turn themselves into barbie-dolls.
  • On Instagram we also see you eating and drinking, how do you take care of your diet?
    I will state that I’m not good at cooking, but on the other hand, I’m greedy. I like it when sweet mixes with savoury in the same dish, a bit like Thai cuisine which I love. I try to eat healthily and stay in shape, and also go to the gym, mum duties permitting.
  • In your photos you always have an impeccable look, but what is your ideal outfit?
    Tracksuit and trainers are perfect and comfortable.
  • You have some beautiful tattoos, that also portray Mauro!
    Yes, at the beginning I had some problems with certain fashion labels that tend to seek an elegant and essential image, but in no time it became a distinctive feature of mine. They are part of who I am.

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