The journalist and presenter most followed and appreciated by the public

by Elisa Panto

Journalist and presenter, well-known face on television of the crime news program “Quarto Grado”, together with Gianluigi Nuzzi, and of the program “The third clue”, conducted by herself in 2016.

Originally from Vicenza and graduated in law, she began her career as a journalist in the Venetian editorial offices; during a break from the recordings she told us about the beginnings and not only this …

  • Now you live in Rome, do you miss Veneto?
    Rome is a wonderful city, difficult but beautiful. But Veneto is in my heart and yes, I miss it! As soon as I can I go back to Bassano, my hometown. I could never do without a walk in that green countryside that gives me the feeling of home and always reconciles me with the world. The bond with the places where I was born and raised is always very strong for me. I feel and I am proudly Venetian.
  • Are you a fan of the soccer team Roma? Do you like going to the stadium?
    In reality, more than a passionate fan, I am a sympathizer. My husband supports Roma and therefore, for a quiet life, I have adapted! But sooner or later I’d like to go to the Olimpico!
  • A passion of yours besides journalism?
    I love reading novels set in the USA. I’ve just finished re-reading Kent Haruf’s “Our Souls at Night” and also this time it didn’t disappoint me.
  • What do you like doing in your free time?
    Cuddle my baby. Like any working mother, it is never easy to divide yourself between profession and family. But all the time that remains besides work I dedicate to my loved ones, my husband and my son.
  • You got married very recently. How was the wedding day?
    It was a beautiful day! It was an intimate wedding. There were 23 of us. We got married at the Capitol and then we went to the shore of the Lake Bracciano for lunch. We laughed, we were moved and we danced. The preparations lasted just a week, and I recommend it to everyone: so I reduced the stress of the ceremony to a minimum but I fully enjoyed the day. They told me “you’re crazy”, in reality simplicity is always a winning card for me!
  • Which is the crime news you followed that struck you most?
    They all left a mark on me. But some in particular I carry closer to my heart than others. Among all, there is the story of Yara, but also that of Chiara Poggi and Marco Vannini. In all three cases we are talking about extraordinary parents, who never gave up to seek the truth, they reacted to pain in different ways, but all with extreme courage and dignity. We are talking about families who have preserved, despite the tragedy, a lot of humanity and, believe me, it was not at all obvious.
  • Your relationship with social media?
    Social media are a very useful and precious tool, but you have to use them well. Sometimes, on the net, somebody hides behind anonymity to incite hate campaigns, writing things that he would never say in person. All this must be limited and pursued because it can have devastating effects, especially if it targets adolescents or fragile people.
  • Do you know Jesolo? Do you like it?
    Jesolo was my summer destination as a girl. I can’t wait to go back nowadays with my family to appreciate it and experience it to the fullest. I also love all the cultural initiatives that exist and Jesolo’s ability to attract tourists from all over Europe!

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