JJ31_alessandra borin

Eclectic artist, soprano, writer and actress

by Michela Barausse


I met soprano Alessandra Borin at a music event and immediately perceived how the image of the opera singer is still shrouded in many stereotypes.

  • Hello Alessandra, what is the most unusual situation you have found yourself in during your career?

    Well, the last two years have been unusual, with the forced closure of theatres, but this has allowed me to realise the ‘Vita da Soprano’ project, a 60-part blog/podcast (available on wwww.alessandraborin.it or Spotify) in which I talk about myself and the ‘behind the scenes’ of life as an artist. Daily vocal exercises, study, travel, colleagues to compare with, new repertoires to discover, reinterpret and enhance, a constant work of self-control and technical deepening of the voice.

  • At a time when classical music seems far removed from the general public, might not trying your hand at opera seem anachronistic?
     ‘Absolutely not, because this music expresses, in a different way, man’s unchanging feelings, his inner worlds and his yearning for the infinite’.

  • Originality is your stylistic hallmark, you stand out among the rest both because you tackle rare repertoires and because you devise and perform ‘theatrical concerts’ on commission from public and private entities, can you explain?

    “These are performances that combine acting and singing in an original way, aimed at contextualising, with renewed lightness, classical music to snatch what I like to call ‘the soundtrack of history’ from the oblivion of time.

  • Will there always be a future for classical music?

    “I am convinced that beauty will only save the world if the world saves beauty, by protecting and enhancing the commitment and work of the artists, who are its bearers”.

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