“If I go wrong with M2O, I’ll be a farmer!”

by Elisa Panto

Who does not know Albertino, one of the most famous voices on the Italian radio scene. We met him in his new M2O radio.

  • Can you tell us the most exciting moments of your radio career?
    The best moments are those of the 90s, in which my program and my character exploded, even above my expectations, it was an important decade, a magical period.
  • Two years ago you became director of M2O, how do you feel in this new role?
    On the radio I have always done a bit of everything, from directing to the choice of music and many characters. The responsibility that I have more today than before is that I am alone, even though I have a good team that helps me. The change has done me a lot of good!
  • “If I go wrong with M2O, I’ll be a farmer!” Can you tell us about your passion for the countryside?
    My friends laugh a lot about this but the attraction to mother nature is, in my opinion, a phase of life. At a time when “the green” is on everyone’s lips, I anticipated it! As soon as I can I go to Tuscany, but also in Milan I found some green … little stuff!
  • It was actually an instant hit! Did you expect it?
    I didn’t expect it but I hoped it! We did a good job of rebranding, which is even more difficult than doing a start up, it was very inspiring. M2O reflects my world, it is a radio that lends itself well to go to the territory.
  • What do you like and what worries you about twenty year olds?
    They seem a bit lost, I see a lack of passion. Social networks are an interesting and useful tool because they have no filters and they arrive directly. However, there is the perception that everyone can become famous without knowing how to do anything, it is an evil of this historical period, talent is needed.
  • A blast from the past … do you remember how Albertino and Linus’ room was?
    I remember it perfectly! It was a simple room, we come from a modest family, we had a radio, not a stereo but a real radio, always on, from which love was born, first for music and then for voices, to the point that then, first my brother and then me, we wanted to try.
  • Which of your characters are you most attached to?
    Surely Ranzani, he is several years old but he always remains current even though I don’t do it anymore.
  • We have seen you many times in Jesolo at the legendary Muretto, what memories do you have and how do you see the recovery?
    I have wonderful memories. With Tito (Pinton ed) I found the desire to play in front of people, he gave me a lot of opportunities to do important things, like on the Faro beach. And then for eight seasons I was resident DJ at Muretto, where I was able to express myself and also play music a little more refined.
    Unfortunately I see the recovery very badly. I am in favor of respecting the rules and restrictions but it must apply to everyone, in this case it is valid for everyone to do anything without control except for the discos, it is a hoax.

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