A dry first half-year!

A half year ended with very low rainfall values. The ‘Meteoclari’ station in Jesolo recorded just 204 mm of rain falling, compared to around 400 in recent years over the same period! All the fault of climate change?  The average increase in air temperatures by almost two degrees, and that of the sea surface by more than three degrees, are certainly fundamental factors that are affecting weather phenomena. Analysing the current situation in more detail, there are four scenarios that have contributed to exacerbating it: an excessively warm spring with an average temperature over 2.5 degrees higher, a month of May that seemed more like June (dry and without Atlantic disturbances), the consequent rapid melting of glaciers, and the early arrival of the African anticyclone (three times) over Italy.  It was precisely this last baric figure that made our days often hot and sultry, resulting in physical discomfort.  Unfortunately, despite a few thunderstorms, the situation will not be resolved; all the rivers in the Veneto region, and not only there, are below minimum levels, and the hardest hit sector, agriculture, will continue at this rate, which will also affect consumers’ pockets. The long-term projections, however, leave room for slight optimism; from the Atlantic some depressions could slide over the Mediterranean that would reject the bell of high pressure over North Africa, making way for more dynamic weather with a few degrees less, thanks to the Azores anticyclone. This will bring back the sunny days typical of the classic Italian summer. 
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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