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3rd Mediofondo City of Jesolo

The great cycling event of Criterium Veneto

On October 2, Jesolo will host the fourteenth stage of the Criterium Veneto with the event “3° Mediofondo Città di Jesolo”, a cycling tourism event dedicated to all cycling enthusiasts and sportsmen. The event is valid for the Veneto Mediofondo Championship and the Raduno Cicloturistico (Cycling Tourism Meeting), and is aimed at categories of amateur cyclists and cyclists who love to compete, constantly putting themselves to the test. There will be two routes winding through the Jesolo hinterland: the Mediofondo route of 108 km and the Raduno route of 73 km, both starting and finishing in Piazza Milano. Criterium Veneto was established in 2017 to give a new boost to the cycling sector, and aims to consortium the largest number of clubs in Veneto to share and organise cycling events that can attract all sportsmen and women interested in the region. The race is open to FCI members in the amateur and tourist categories and to members of organisations that are in possession of a Bike card. For non-members, a day card will be activated that will allow access to the race. For online registration and further information please visit the webpage criteriumveneto.it
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